How to Put on our Infinity Hoops

We know these earrings can be a pain to put on... but once they are on? You won't have to worry about putting these on or taking them off! 

Some tips for using our Infinity Elegance Micro Hoops:

1. Stay Put: Don't put on and take off your Infinity hoops daily. These are difficult to put on and take off since they are made to be worn while you sleep, shower and workout.

2. The Buddy System: Have someone help you put them on if you can't do it yourself and feel you may damage your earrings.

3. Backwards is Best: If you don't have anyone near you when you are trying to put these on try putting them on from the back of your ear, you'll be able to see what you are doing better in the mirror and no one will even know they are on backwards! 

4. Learn off your Ear: Watch this video below to understand how this works before you immediately try putting it on your ear