14k Yellow Gold


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Size: Small (30mm)

Color: Yellow

Metal: 14k Gold

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Our mid-sized “Azalea” hoops are a great way to add elegance to your everyday look. Made of hollow 14k Yellow Gold tubes, these earrings earn style points without the heaviness of a large hoop. Dressed up or dressed down, these hoops complement any outfit.


Metal: 14k Yellow Gold

Hoop Shape: Round Hoop

Tube Shape: Round Tube 


Printable Size Chart:  {Click Here}
Size: Extra Small  
Height: 21 mm (approx. 0.8 inches)
Diameter: 20 mm (approx. 0.8 inches)
Tube Diameter:  4 mm
Size: Small
Height: 31 mm (approx. 1.2 inches)
Diameter: 30 mm (approx. 1.2 inches)
Tube Diameter: 4 mm

Size: Medium
Height: 41 mm (approx. 1.6 inches)
Diameter: 40 mm (approx. 1.6 inches)
Tube Diameter: 4 mm

Size: Large
Height: 51 mm (approx. 2 inches)
Diameter: 50 mm (approx. 2 inches)
Tube Diameter: 4 mm

Size: Extra Large
Height: 61 mm (approx. 2.4 inches)
Diameter: 60 mm (approx. 2.4 inches)
Tube Diameter: 4 mm