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This article is part 3 in our "Matching Jewelry to your Personal Brand of Fashion" series. To read Part 1 CLICK HERE. To read Part 2 CLICK HERE

The outfit is planned- a chic white cocktail dress. You’ve chosen gold jewelry to be the perfect compliment to your outfit. Only problem is that you’re stumped when faced with a variety of gold jewelry in the exact shade and aren’t sure which style to choose from. Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and each piece comes with its own characteristics.  So how do you select amongst the beautiful contenders for your look? Well our handy dandy blend and pop method is here to help. But first, before curating our outfit, let’s be mindful of the different shapes and textures of jewelry.

Possible Jewelry Shapes and Textures

Fabric: Velvet, leather, twine, polyester, fur

Slick Metal: Polished precious metals, polished metals

Textured metal: Precious metals, metals

Plastic: Epoxy, nylon, silicon, resin, acetate 

Natural: Stones, wood, feathers, beads, pearls 

Types: Smooth, rough, bulky, spiky, dangling

Shapes: Rounded or geometric

Textures in Jewelry

Jewelry comes in all varieties, shapes, and sizes. Our first thoughts are usually precious metals like gold, and precious stones such as diamonds. However, the styles and material of these pricey accessories differ from geographical locations and cultures. Traditional European jewelry is smooth and typically includes jewels, Native Americans use beads, seashells, and feathers, and Middle Eastern jewelry are woven metals. Today, we use many different mediums in all shapes and sizes to decorate ourselves. So how do we get ourselves to look presentable when we have so many options to choose from? Well, we need to take into consideration how the overall outfit looks in terms of shapes and feel. 

Original Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash

Do you want your outfit to flow?

To have a well-curated outfit that flows is to have complimentary shapes and feels that blend the outfit. For our white dress scenario, if the features of the dress are simple, lack pattern and design, then a smooth shiny and dainty piece of jewelry would match like this, this, or this. The idea is that the style and texture is echoing the vibe of the dress. I would also note if multiple pieces of jewelry are to be worn, it would be best to have them stick with a theme. For example, if you choose to wear thick flat bangles, I would go with a necklace that is very similar in style. Keep in mind the further the pieces differ in style, the harder it is to stick to a theme. Always remember that your style is determined on how consistent your outfit looks and is therefore more flattering to the eye.

Do you want your outfit to leap?

If the goal is to have a curated outfit that is more striking, then we need to have pieces that are contradictory to the style of the clothes, but complementary to the look. In the same white dress scenario, we would go for bulkier, angled, or flashier pieces like this, this, or this. Examples of this would be thick and textured gold jewelry, large pearls, or pieces with gold metal lining but with textured colorful stones. If you have outfits on the simpler side, use it as an opportunity to showcase your most daring jewelry. 

Whether you want your white dress to blend with simple gold pieces, or pop with bulkier intricate pieces, always remember to stick to a theme and own your style. 

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