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Every person we interact with, whether it be a coworker, close friend, someone you pass by on the street, the person taking your order, or your significant other, has an image of you in their head.  The clothes and accessories we wear, how we style our hair, the way we move and interact, all say something about our character. This makes us wonder how our taste in jewelry effects how people perceive us. Typically, we buy pieces of jewelry that attracts us unaware of how the style of jewelry defines us.  In this article we will dive into a few styles of jewelry that will help you understand the look it gives to outsiders. Below are a few themes of jewelry to help you understand where they fall under.

Jewelry Styles and Themes

Contemporary:  Geometric, minimalist, not too flashy, smooth, dainty. Comes in all colors of precious metals, stones, plastic, fabric. Could be as expensive and intricate as artisan jewelry and as simple as manufactured more affordable fashion jewelry. Look over at Pagnya  

Modern: Overlaps with contemporary jewelry, with the difference that it includes more shapes than just geometric. Find some here at Oro Central

Rugged: Looks bulky and edgy. Feels sturdy and textured. Comes in leather, precious, and conductor metal such as aluminum and copper. Typical looks are braided, sturdy, angled and chain like. Mainly used in rock and roll type of jewelry. Refer to The Great Frog

Retro: The classic look is big, bold, oversized. Comes in precious stones over diamonds. Typical metal colors are gold and rose gold. Ear lobe earrings and brooches are staples of retro jewelry. Beladora has a very broad scope of vintage jewelry, their Retro Jewelry is among the best we have seen! 

Antique: At least 100 years old. Usually in platinum and gold metals. They come in high craftsmanship and detailed pieces. Distinct features are of which time periods and area the pieces belong to. Lang Antiques

Boho: Bohemian style jewelry typically has an earthier look. Uses natural stones like quartz, amethyst, turquoise, opal etc. Can use leather, hemp and other natural materials. Lines are not refined, can have rough edges while still looking dainty, and handmade. A great place to find jewelry like this is on Etsy

Luxury: Thick or heavy precious metals, high grade gems and large diamonds. Usually have a simple look, but can fall into any of the previous categories as well as this one depending on the finished look. Take a look at Naira & C 

Let’s Work This Look

Now that the characteristics of each look are apparent, it’s easier to know what jewelry to collect more or less of, according to your goal. If you have pieces that you absolutely love, and would like to incorporate into a genre see how the Blend and Pop method works in your favor. 

Blend: To curate a look that gives people a strong feel of your characteristics blending in similar themes is key. For example, your overall look is minimalist, and you have a pearl ring heirloom you want to incorporate in your look, stick with your theme. If you’re going for a soft modern look, match the metal color and shapes with the rest of your jewelry and fashion. A white pearl and gold metal jewelry would look great with pastel colored clothes. 

Pop: If there are two polar opposite styles you want to incorporate in a look and make your style shine, please do so. The only exception to this rule is not use more than two opposing styles in one look. If we take the same pearl ring, but you typically have more retro pieces, try to combine the two where the big and bold shapes compliment the pearl. That way you have a combination of different styles that morph into it’s own style, Classy-Retro.

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